Man assaults woman after failing to satisfy him in bed

A woman, Princess Ncube, has filed an assault charge against Gladmore Gondo for beating her over her alleged failure to satisfy him in bed.

The Zimbabwean court heard that the two were drinking beer at Mbizo Inn Night Club. At around 3am, Gondo inquired about the all-night service from Ncube before the two agreed to spend the remainder of the night together at her home.

Upon arrival, the two indulged in sexual intercourse, but Gondo was left unsatisfied and asked for more.

Ncube, however, refused to offer more services before Gondo had paid the $10 they had agreed on.

Gondo insisted on paying after being satisfied, leading to a disagreement between the two.

Gondo immediately went berserk, grabbed a chair and used it to hit Ncube on the head, after which he forcibly grabbed her cellphone and smashed it on the floor.

Ncube sustained a deep cut on the head and a swollen left eye. She made a report to the police, leading to Gondo’s arrest.

In mitigation, Gondo told the court that he was disappointed with the way Ncube treated him.

“I was not satisfied and we couldn’t agree on that issue and I ended up beating her. I apologise for my actions, which were a result of being drunk,” he said.

Gondo was sentenced to six months in prison after he appeared before the Kwekwe magistrate, Lavroe Philemon, facing assault charges.

Source :(iHarare)