Man narrates how SARS officers assaulted him for having 40K in his pocket

An aggrieved Nigerian man @d_dguru, took to Twitter to recount how he was assaulted by SARS officers in Lagos, all because he had 40K in his pocket.

According to him, the SARS officers accused him of being a fraudster and lying, even after he told them that part of the money was his mom’s.

He tweeted;

So I experienced sarz brutality today.. Thread!!

So this morning I was planning to go to ikeja to get some stuffs. So my mom gave me 30k to deposit into someone’s account she was owing. I also had like 10k personally to use to get the stuffs I wanted to get #endsars @segalink

Making 40k… So I got to ikeja under bridge around 12pm.. As I was walking towards computer village. Two guys without uniform approached me. And said I should enter one mini bus and I was like sorry I don’t know you so I can’t enter any bus.. Immediately one of them slapped me.

Then I realized things just got real… I Sha enter the bus… They asked what I had on me. I told them nothing. Just my phone.. There were Like 4 other armed men in the bus.. Making 6 of them so I knew I was dead… One of them collected my phone asked me to unlock it.. I did

I guess he didn’t see anything really implicating so he searched my pocket and saw the 40k and they asked me why I had such money with me. I explained that my mom wanted me to help her deposit and I also want to get some stuffs.. They said I was lying. That am a fraudster.

I was trying to explain that am not.. I received another hot slap… One just said to me that they will drive me to somewhere they will kill Me and nobody will know… I asked what they want… One of them collected the 40k from me and gave me 1k out of it…

Now the money is gone just like that, Please @segalink we need to #EndSARS … My mom is so down right now… Am so sad. My mom struggled to come up with the money and the debts are not paid and she’s back to nothing… Sarz needs to be disbanded

Please I ask for help on behalf of my mom… She has been depressed. I just need to help her get the money back @segalink ..please help, Please we have no one else to turn to



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