Music Review: Cobhams One Hit

Cobhams Asuquo’s One Hit is a song dedicated to every artiste, artisan and practicing professional who is looking to taste that bit of glory in achieving immense success.

In this part of the world where success is the talk of the town and continent, everyone is looking forward to that glorious moment in their lives, even if it will just last a day, a few hours, or far less in fame or a twitter or a Facebook thread.

Hence the title of this song, One hit. It is commonly believed that there are one hit artistes who just release a single and make it instantly. Even if they lose the inspiration to stun the music scene thereafter.

This song is for every hustler, it is not just for musicians. And we can rightfully say that Cobhams captured several minds with the captivating rendition of a soulful song. One that validates Cobhams as one of the best Nigerian singer and song producer that ever lived.

One hit is a desperate call by an upcoming musician to be successful in his industry. The desperate singer who mentions highly rated artistes in the Nigerian music industry quite frankly begs God for just one wish; to blow. To be reckoned with, to be overtly successful.

And as every singer would need a sponsor to shoot music videos and churn out explosive tracks, the desperate singer begs for an investment from Otedola, one of Nigeria’s biggest business moguls to support this song endeavor.

One thing about Cobham’s One hit song is the honesty and urgency of the musical lyrics. Churned out melodiously with a keyboard playing in the background; you can sense that urgency in this musical narrative of someone wanting to be reckoned with. The urgency of the tone adds to the authenticity of the request.

Cobhams vocal cords struck gold on this one as he has always done even in the time past. The lyrics of this song is very straightforward- you can totally relate to this song.

One hit song also encompasses the frustration any music newbie could face in churning out a track. At a point, the persona in the song commits to Yoruba parlance: Oti e ti sun mi gan ni o ( I am tired). This is as result of numerous try-outs of waxing singles and not getting a single retweet, a like or even an acknowledgement.

Unfortunately, some of these songs don’t get enough air time on radio and it might not be a matter of bad lyrics. It might just be a matter of time or what the people need.

I will rate Cobhams “One hit” a 9/10 for a perfect musical delivery and a fluid narrative. Music success is a hustle, but for Cobhams he drops the perfect lyrics seamlessly.

The profundity of One Hit is so surreal and sublime yet it makes sense in its entirety. The vocal cords and music accompaniments are no doubt perfect, and as always the result will be a harmonious melody.

source: Thenation

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