Never Say This To Your Spouse In 2018

Every relationship has their ups and downs and there is always bound to be arguments and fights. Irrespective of who is in the right or wrong, there are certain things that should not be uttered in an argument between you and your spouse. It may be hard, but try to be calm while arguing. Remember words are like eggs: they cannot be gathered on broken. So here is a list of things you should never ever say to your partner;

A. You are immature

If you consider the person immature then why are you attached to the person in the first place. This means you are telling you partner that he/she is childish.

B. Curse

This is just the height. Do not exchange words with your partner. No matter how provoked you are do not call your partner names. Words have a way of recurring in the subconscious overtime.

C. I regret dating you

Is your time wasted? To regret means to wish that thing had not happened. There are better ways to resolve your argument than insulting.

D. Body Shame

Body shaming is simple terms is talking about someone’s body size, height with the intent to make the person feel bad.This act is not only bad, this could lead to depression especially if the person is already insecure. So you have to be careful.  For instance- You are so fat!

E. You are irresponsible

By telling your partner that he/she is irresponsible you simply are saying he/she lacks a sense of responsibility. Some people even go as far as comparing their partner to others. So do NOT do it!!!


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