Photo of Apostle Suleman seated in his church as Stephanie Otobo confessed that politicians paid her to slander him

Last year, Stephanie Otobo accused the clergyman of having an amorous affair with her. During the church’s Fire & Miracle service in Edo state last night, Stephanie who is based in Canada and recently came to Nigeria to promote her music, confessed that some politicians and pastors, paid her some money to slander the name of pastor Suleman.

Apostle Suleman was in chiurch while she made the confesion.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


  • This is real funny. This lady supposed to be arrested and charge to Court. for defamation of character to serve as a lesson for others who loves money more than the salvation. of their souls.

  • is so unfortunate how people don’t have respect for God. first fake pastors will come and act action movies for their church members. now this action film of Stephanie with this pastor Sulaimon is a big lie and action film. yeye people fake people deceive yourself and make hell. who paid her what are the names if the politicians, give us the bank account of the payments if u are saying the truth show us evidence. and d church members will just b following blindly like zombies na wah oh

  • This is a rubbish story and I am not interested in it. Who is deceiving who? I don’t trust either party and there are some things they are still hiding to the populace.

  • am not surprise about that because his father experience the same thing(late Arch Bishop Benson idahosah) apostle is God’s sent man of GOD to our generation and he will continue to wax stronger and stronger no power can stop his ministry in Jesus Christ name…

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