Sad!!!! Pilot killed by plane door

The Finnish authorities are investigating a freak accident in which a plane door killed a German piloting a private jet in northern Finland, officials confirmed on Monday.

“It was a tragic accident,’’ a spokesman for the Finnish Safety Investigation Authority said.

The pilot was hit in the head by the door of the Gulfstream G-150 jet as he was approaching the plane Thursday after completing an external check of the plane. He died at the scene.

Parts of the door flew 10 metres, but there were no passengers in the vicinity.

Investigators were looking at the system that regulates the plane’s cabin pressure.

A theory was that the pressure had built up in the cabin, causing the heavy door to fly open.

The Finnish agency said on Twitter it was also studying the flight data and voice data recorders.

Experts from the U.S. were also taking part in the investigations.

The Finnish agency said that the jet was owned by an Austrian firm but operated by a German company.

Source:( NAN )