What Does Sexy Really Mean? Find Out!

Many (myself inclusive) find it hard to define sexy. I mean, it is an intoxicating feeling to know that someone or even a lot of people find you sexy. For some, being sexy is a feeling and for others, it is a certain style or look. While to the ones who define things literally; being sexy is to be sexually interesting and exciting. long story short, to radiate sexuality. This means you appeal to someone in a sensual manner. And in my opinion, it really isn’t a bad thing. That is aside from your traditional, cultural beliefs and ingrained principles of chastity. Besides, being sexy is a very important component in any healthy romantic relationship. It’s basically friendship if sexual attraction is absent. The problem however is that the image of sexiness being reduced to a show of skin-tight, skimpy dresses, overdone cleavages and super long legs.

I mean, if you go to google and type sexy, the images are quite appalling. Oozing sex appeal is way more than that irrespective of what the fashion Industry makes us believe. How you dress does not define sexiness.  Besides being sexy can be said to be in sync with self confidence. Why? Quite a number of guys and ladies fin confidence in members of the opposite sex extremely attractive. People who know what they want and approach those things purposefully and with an air of assurance – not arrogance – are ever appealing. You’ll be shocked to know that many men in particular are all that interested in how the ladies dress, talk or even how they look per say. Its in the aura that the women exhibit. So do not be surprised if you see an extremely attractive man running after one babe that doesn’t even match your standard (whatever that means).

Good personal hygiene is also sexy. Imagine having a sweet fragrance oozing out from you all the time. Now that is extremely sexy. That is one of the reasons perfume makers are successful.

Intelligence too can be seen as extremely sexy. Unfortunately, the media has replaced intelligence with perky boobs, bouncy butts and ripped abs. And still, not everyone is intelligent even though it still a major turn on for many men and women. So, even if you can become sexy when you tone those arms, flex those triceps and squat till your bum becomes firm and round; you can also be considered sexy when you read books, watch documentaries and broaden your horizon. Long and short; what’s within and without makes you sexy!