Shocker: Mother Finds Her Daughters Lying In Bed And Cuddling Their Father’s Dead Body

Helen Daykin, an English mom returned home to a horrific scene as she found her daughters lying in bed with their dead dad.

According to New York Post, Helen Daykin’s daughters were left with the body of their father for almost an entire day following the sudden death of husband, Chris. His two daughters were discovered cuddling him in bed.

He looked after the kids, Pearl and Iris, while Helen often travelled for work.

On the morning of the incident just over a year ago, his daughters, then aged four and two respectively, tried to wake him, and even put indigestion pills in his mouth in an effort to rouse him.

Pearl, the older child, had just started school a few weeks earlier — her school called Chris but didn’t ring Helen.

When Helen called her husband that morning, she assumed he was busy, and it was not until that evening she was told he had died as she travelled home.

Helen said: “There’s no reason why this couldn’t happen again. How the children didn’t hurt themselves I’ve no idea.

“They spent the whole day upstairs; they didn’t come down at all.”

They were hungry. They played with all my shoes and makeup, but they didn’t venture further in the house.

“Pearl can tell me every single detail and relives it often. I can’t leave the room without her shouting for me or wanting to be with me.”

Helen’s mother had driven over to the family house in Halifax but couldn’t open the door and noticed the windows were dark and milk had been left out.

Police broke down the door and found the heartbreaking scene in an upstairs bedroom.

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