Signs That You’ll Be Single For Life

The thought of being single is scary (for some). And quite a few ladies unconsciously engage in the activities that portray them as the ones who desire to be single for life. Below, ii have briefly researched and brought them for your perusal. Take some time to read and reminisce about the list of behaviors/traits below;

1. Desperation

This one is mostly among the women. Appearing too eager especially when we meet someone new. The moment you start spewing out your whole history almost immediately isn’t very attractive. Besides, what if the guy just wants to be friends? how will that make you look?

2. People Pleasing Character

This category of women do not have a mind of their own. They do not want to have other people’s opinion on their own lives and relationship. And you just may miss the right guy because your friends or families (who haven’t had the chance to properly meet the guy ) do not approve. Who that one now epp?

3. Hard to get

This is honestly over rated. Simply because you play the hard to get for a guy  and he chills till you make up your mind, doesn’t mean he is the best choice for you. Every guy has their patience level o.

4. Do not be a Confirmed Loner

When you get to the stage where your friends or family don’t think of you when they have parties or outings that require a plus one, or when they even want to setting up blind dates; Honey, You’re a Confirmed Loner! Don’t do that to yourself.