How strippers take quick break on New Year eves to join worshipers

The paradox of religious practices in Nigeria is such that everybody wants to be in church on the eve of New Year’s Day – Strippers too…

He need for objectivity cannot be over emphasized for humans in every sphere of life in the 21st Century because this provides a basis for constructive self-judgement without the need of a third party in the form of organized religion or characteristic practices.

Apparently, there is a new form of brain drain in existence, which can only be blamed on the inherent habitual trait of man to unconsciously become a slave of his own beliefs; a phenomenon which has grown with alarming strength and consequences.

While crossing over into 2017, a certain social observer finds himself in a Lounge in Lagos on the eve of the New Year, that night also happened to be the Lounge’s weekly stripper’s night, the unclad ladies are about their business until the time is 11:30pm; and then suddenly they all disappear from the stage, get dressed and rush off to a church in the same building singing praises to God.

Now fast-forward to 2017, new scenario, new characters, but same observer finds himself in a bar in Lagos on the eve of the new year again, but this time instead of strippers, a man is seated in company of his friends, he has been seen smoking and drinking all night until he checks his wristwatch at about 11pm and suddenly there is a look of panic on his face, he calls the most familiar face who is not part of his drinking group and begins to lament on how he can’t attend the crossover service in church smelling like drink and smoke, a thought he didn’t put that into consideration while he was catching his fun. These two scenarios contain the same subject matter.

The underlying effect of this situation is not the existence of good and eradication of this supposed evil, instead, it has resulted in a continuous co-existence of both; as individuals now tend to continue in the practice of their preferred vices, aided by the conviction that a little good in the mix will ostensibly dissolve the effect of the rest evils. Which in essence leaves us with the question; are we all living a mirage?

source: Thenation


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