Suicide bombers kill 27 persons, injure 92 persons

Two suicide bomb explosions occurred on Monday  in the busy area in downtown Baghdad, leaving 27 people killed and 92 others wounded, police and medical sources said.

The Iraq interior ministry said the twin massive blasts were carried out by two suicide bombers during the morning rush hours at a crowded site near al-Tayaran Square.

“Our latest reports said that 27 were killed and 92 wounded by the two blasts in al-Tayaran Square, where many construction workers usually gather waiting for potential employers,’’ the ministry said.

Earlier, the ministry source said that the two blasts were a suicide bombing followed by a roadside bomb, putting the casualties at 16 killed and 67 wounded.

Meanwhile, a medical source told Xinhua that hospitals in Baghdad received the bodies of 27 people and that over 92 others were admitted for treatment from different wounded.

“All the hospitals and medical centers are in high alert to receive the victims of the terrorist attacks in central Baghdad.

“Most of the wounded people have received treatment and many of them left the hospitals,” Abdul-Ghani Saadon, Director-Ggeneral of Health Department of Risafa area in eastern side of Baghdad said.

No group has so far claimed responsibility of the attacks, however, the Islamic State (IS) militant group, in most cases, is responsible for deadly attacks targeting crowded areas in Iraq, including markets, cafes and mosques.

Hours after the deadly attacks, Iraqi Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of Iraqi forces Haider al-Abadi orders for the security forces to track the extremist terrorists and bring them to justice.

Al-Abadi held a meeting with commanders of the security forces and the intelligence service of Baghdad and gave his directions “to chase the sleeper cells of terrorists and bring them to justice in order to ensure the security of the citizens.

The car bombing is the second since the beginning of the year in Baghdad city.

It has witnessed tangible improvement in security as the Iraqi security forces managed during the past few months to regain control of strongholds of the extremist ARE militant group across the country.

Over Saturday, a suicide bomber who detonated his explosive-laden motorcycle at the Square of the entrance of the holy Shiite neighbourhood of Kadhmiyah, leaving two people killed and 24 injured, along with destroying 11 cars.

Source: ( NAN )


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