How Sure Should You Be Before Proposing In Public?

Not too long ago, a lady tried to break out of the status quo by proposing to her boyfriend. Quite an adventurous fit as some would put it while some others are of the opinion that it was clearly a stupid move. Amazingly, I have seen quite a few videos where a few women have publicly proposed to their beau and the response was always positive! I have my own opinion and I’ll share;

Yes, the fear of rejection is paramount when you are thinking of making major decisions. And public proposals is one of those decisions. Weather male or female, you must have dated this person long enough to know what his or her opinion is on making the proposal public. Proposing to your partner is quite overwhelming. I mean, do you not think about how your spouse will feel? Then, you now feel bad for being rejected in the public. I know the element of surprise can be pleasant though but, a prior discussion must be in order. Darling before bending that knee in public, it is advisable to consider; how far the relationship has gone and the type of impact a failed proposal will have on it!

As for those on the receiving end, having a marriage proposal rejected in public is another level of embarrassment altogether; be it a man, woman or some undecided cross dresser. If it can be avoided, no one should have to bear that level of humiliation.

That’s my take. What’s yours?