Think You’re a Side-Chick? Find Out.

How sure are you that he is for real? Or you are even for real in his life? if the characteristics listed below is happening in your relationship, honey You’re a side chick! And I’m just sugar coating it for you. Do not hesitate to kick him in the curb. Know your worth darling. Here’s how to help you know;

  • When you’re the first to chat, call, text Dm etc.

In all healthy relationships, communication is key. And it requires both parties to actively engage in talking and the rest. After all; it takes two to tango. He should always be ready to reach out to you as often as possible. isn’t it love we’re talking about here? Madam, if le boo doesn’t reach out; CUT HIM OFF!

  • When there’s no sign of jealousy

I mean some show of jealousy proves that he values you and is afraid to loose you. Even if he doesn’t want to show it, you’ll know from the way he asks his questions and stuff. This one is a must.

  • When there’s no “Honey?”, “sweetie”, “my girlfriend” etc.

When a guy does not bother with introducing you to anyone at all as his babe and in your private time he doesn’t bother too? Honey; RUN!

  • When he’s not proud to show you off to the “world”

If you’ve never met his family members, close friends or pals not even their shadow; Baby girl, you are on a long thing! And he skips every opportunity reveal how important you are to him: he”s definitely not yours.

There are quite a few others that some women in this situation will add. But these are my few eggs in the basket of wisdom.


  1. when he’s an all the way busy man. calls you only at night I mean middle of the night.

    when he hides a lot from you. A man is always open to the person he cares about even with no contribution from you, he loves to know you’re aware of whatever he’s passing through.

    when he gives excuses to whatever planned just to make sure you don’t ruin his. but won’t do it in a way you’ll get angry. run for your life