Top 5 Benefits Of Water That Will Shock You!

Water has always fascinated me. Imagine a substance that doesn’t have smell and taste can be so important. The body is made up of 75% of this substance as well! Water is so important that nothing can replace it (not coke, juice or even fanta). Once you crave water, it is only water that can quench it. To loose weight and remain healthy, water is the go-to. And to maintain that great health, it is proven that taking 9-13 cups daily (approximately 2.2 liters!). Sound much? true but water is just what  the body organs need to function superbly. There are many benefits of water intake and these ones top the list!

  • Bright clear eyes

Water gets the eyes white, clear and sparkling. And of course, this can enhance you to look younger and happier.

  • A radiant complexion

Drinking at least 8 cups of water makes the skin glow. Besides it’s the best way to keep the skin hydrated, prevent wrinkles and make the veins less visible!

  • Good circulation

Water flushes toxins out of the body easily.

  • Water improves concentration

Drinking water helps to stay active and alert and aids you to get quality of sleep.