Want Great Skin? Top 3 Must-Have For You!

If you’re a fashion forward woman, a woman who wants to be in the league of fashionable women; this is the article for you. These are your must haves;


This can never be over emphasized! You can’t have a great skin that is dry; it always looks ashy. Apply moisturizer immediately after your bath so it will lock in the remaining moisture on the skin all day. To keep your skin looking radiant and ash free, try to see a dermatologist that will recommend what is perfect for your skin.


It is a real struggle to find the perfect shade of foundation for your skin. But honey when you do; Don’t let go! This struggle is mostly for the dark skinned women so the best way to know your perfect shade is to blend it into your jaw line. If it vanishes into your skin then it’s good for you.

Lip balms

In dry or rainy season in fact, for every season, this is a very good companion. with a lip balm, you cannot have chipped or dry lips. Here’s a little secret; it can applied on your knees and elbows (which are the darkest part of your body) because it keeps these places a little bit brighter. Just rub with sliced lemon and apply balm.