Wedding Proposal Ideas In 2018

It is true that 2017 was a year of weddings and proposals. Most people use the atmosphere of the festive seasons to propose. So, if you’re planning to pop the question and you seemingly lost ideas of how to propose?  You literally don’t want your proposal to fail so pay close attention to these tips. Before you go down on one kneel here are somethings you should put in place


After spending months, years, decades with your partner you should be able to tell what interests your partner which will definately aid your creativity. Choosing your location is solely based knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes Whether your proposal is going to be private or public, what is important is that you must be creative. It is time to put on your thinking cap. There are so many locations out there- beach, picnic, at home, water front and even Church.


The next thing to consider is photography. Although, this wasn’t a necessity in the past but over the years photography is a means to hold on to memories! and you would definitely want memories of your proposal therefore invest in photography. You might not necessarily need to hire a photographer as you could have your friends or family act as standby photographers with their phones.


Props are alternative ways of saying “Will you marry me”. Props could be cakes, card, shirts etc.  but they must be beautifully decorated.

People to attend

This is very important. And this is for those who will be doing public proposals. Make a list of those she would want in attendance. You could draw up your list from her favorite people. If she is a family lady then this is a cue that her family members should be in attendance. It could be her friends, co-workers etc.


This does not have to be elaborate. You could accompany your proposal with great music, slides of pictures of the both of you or even a poem with sweat words that shows how much she means to you.

The greatest of all necessities is THE RING. Please don’t forget it! Have a great proposal.


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