What Was Found Inside A Blackberry Playbook Charger (Photos)

I have been hearing people recommending playbook charger for andriod user even on major blogs, infact i got one for my sister which she is still using up till now.

Like three days ago i bought a bb playbook charger from one reputable stores in ibadan, to my surprise the charger stopped working the third day.

I was unable to return the charger because am leaving in a far distance to where it was purchased. i later concluded on opening the charger to know what caused it and to my surprise i found a well trimmed and cut iron, patiently placed besides the charger transformer to add to the weight of the charger.

As for people like me, am a fan of heavy weight charger and powerbank because i believe all their cells are complete. I wonder when this so called chinco people will stop this their deceit on us

More pictures below:

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