Woman accuses ex-husband of raping her during marriage

A woman, identified as Pesis Mukonoweshuro has told the court that her former husband is in the habit of forcing her to have sex with him.

The woman told a Zimbabwean court while applying for a protection order against her ex-husband Mike Mutikiti.

Mukonoweshuro told the court that she parted ways with her ex-husband sometimes last year following an irreconcilable misunderstanding.

She narrated that her husband brought home his girlfriend to their matrimonial bed and assaulted her after she questioned him.

She said, “Your Worship, I am applying for a protection order against my ex-husband. He is in the habit of
forcing me to have sex with him and he even insults me whenever he sees me.

“I no longer have feelings for him, he even tore apart my clothes and I walked almost naked. I asked him why he was doing that to me and he brutally assaulted me.

“I was admitted to a hospital for three months and now I have a backache. It pains me a lot and whenever he assaults me, he assaults our children too.

“We used to stay in Chinhoyi together but I ran away to Kuwadzana Extension where I am with my sister. I don’t know who told him where I am staying. He comes there harassing me and I don’t want him to come.”

In response, the former husband, Mutikiti, who was represented by a legal practitioner denied the application saying he still loves his wife.

“Your Worship, my client never forced her to have sexual intercourse, but he loves his wife.

“The respondent is only bitter because of separation and she is the one who opted to move out of their matrimonial house.,” he said

Presiding magistrate Lazini Ncube granted them a reciprocal order and ordered both parties to resolve their disputes amicably.

Source: (AFP)


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