Woman stabs step-son to death over little argument

A year 2 student of Statistics at the University of Abuja, Awal Sani, was on Thursday January 11th, stabbed to death by his mother’s rival during a family fued at their home in the Kubwa area of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. The Nation reports that Sani’s step-mum, identified as Rukayat Abdulkareem had confronted her mate, Sani’s mother, over their missing husband.

Sani was stabbed, while trying to calm the fight between both women, that he younger  brother to the victim’s mother who narrated the unfortunate incident, said

“Between 10:00 p.m. and 10.30 p.m,, I heard someone banging on the door and I came outside, I asked her what she wanted and she said she was looking for her husband. I know the woman, they were living close to us here in Pipeline before they packed to Kaduna road. I told her that I would check and see if I can call the husband for her. I went inside, I met my sister and informed her that the man’s wife was outside looking for him, my sister said she was going to meet the woman, I tried to stop her and told her she was not the one the woman came for but she insisted. So I followed her because I didn’t want any problem. We met the woman and then I realised that if they start talking, it may result to another thing. So, I asked my sister to go inside and went to pipeline police station. I invited a policeman, he asked the woman what the problem was, she said she was here to see her husband. The policeman asked her to follow him to the station so she can write a statement and they will return to pick her husband. But she said she was not going anywhere so the policeman left. I went inside the house and the next thing I heard was that they had stabbed Awal. I rushed out, we did all we could to save him. We rushed him to the hospital and the doctor confirmed him dead and we brought him back home. She had left when I rushed out but the vigilante men caught and brought her later and we kept her till the police arrived”

The deceased was meant to have returned to school on Monday January 15th.

Source: (The Nation)

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