Women: How To Get His Attention

Lets not get it twisted, attraction is a two way thing. Personally, I think it is more difficult for the ladies more than the guys to express how they feel when it comes to being the first one to act. So often times, when a lady sees a guy she really has a crush on, she’d prefer not to shoot her shot irrespective of how intense the attraction is. Bother not; we’re here for the rescue;

a) Snatch the Bae

For women who fall in this category, there’s still a chance that you’ll get the guy without having to ask him directly. The simple answer is in positioning. be at the right place and the right time. Make friends and engage him in conversations both fun and serious ones. Become a good friend but make sure you are a good friend but never BE FRIEND ZONED. When communication is constant and regular, you likely get to hear their secrets, and also exchange information on stuff that makes you both happy. There’re something about communicating with someone every time that makes the heart grow fond of them and foster some deep connection.

b) Shoot your shot

While it’s always advised that women should shoot their shots and go after the men they fancy, it is advisable to tread carefully. Instead of out rightly coming at him head on, be a little subtle about it. There women who are shy, uncomfortable, fear rejection and are just plain traditional and would rather not do this.

c) Social network

Now, do not stalk the guy o. But strike a conversation if you have his number or his social media handle. Try and build the communication channel to a point that you guys do it every time. Subtly drop date hints and sly romantic innuendos here and there, he’ll be asking you out in no time. The secret is slyly get your crush to come after you and to make him think he initiated the relationship.

In the end, just get your man without having to ask. He’ll think he asked, but of course, you’ll know he only got tangled in your grand operation-snatch-the-bae scheme.

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