What Do You Do When You’re Bored? Find Out!

Many would argue that being bored is as a result of not knowing or being able to do anything interesting although you’re available. On the other hand, I’m of the school of thought that boredom is a choice just like the same can be said of happiness. Yes, I do believe that I can choose to be bored, laze around and not do anything just because i don’t want to. Its a simple solution; unless you decide it or choose it, do not allow yourself to be idle. Allow your mind to wonder and who knows; you may just be able to find what will be a turning point in your life. So, if you find yourself in the bored zone, I bring to you simple and easy things/ways you can experiment with that will aid the change your status. Lets see;

1. Go on a walk

Sweety, this means; drop your gadgets, wear something comfortable, pick your wallets/purse and take a stroll outside. You’ll not only get the chance to think clearly, admire the view but you might just meet someone new. Stop to smell the roses.



Organize something

I’m not talking of big projects o. I mean the Cupboard, stores or wardrobes that you haven’t had the time to organize. It may seem funny but it is easy and ends up leaving a good feeling. Get rid of things you haven’t had the time to take care of!


Do your laundry

Washing or doing laundry has been said to be very therapeutic. It keeps you busy and this is a good kind of busy after all. Thank me later.





You may not necessarily be among the fit-fam ladies but, it sure won’t hurt to jug or even go to the gym! (not too much sha). Join a wight loss dancing class/gym group so you’ll not find a boredom excuse to do it.


Experiment with your hair.

This is a personal practice for me. And its not just because I’m a natural hair babe but even when i was relaxing my hair I did this a lot. So, its not just limited to people who have the natural hair. Therefore, NO EXCUSES! Besides, you never know when that skill/look will be needed.


Listen to music

This is fun and therapeutic too. I recommend Pharrell’s “Happy”, Asa’s albums among a few. Try dancing along with it and don’t forget to be happy

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