6 Quick Beauty Tricks

The eye brows are an important part of the human face; especially the woman’s face. Can you imagine your eyebrows scraped completely from your face? what a disturbing sight that will be. This article is for the ladies. So ladies, check out these beauty tricks from woman’s day, they sure help every woman;

1) Tweeze only in the direction the hair grows

2) Don’t change the place where your brows peak and never pencil the whole brow. Instead, only fill in holes.

3)  Use only the side of a sharpened brow pencil—not the pointed tip—so as not to draw a hard line.

4) Treat your eye area gently. This is the most delicate part of your face. Cleanse with care; blot, never rub

5) Get eye shadow to stay in place by priming lids with moisturizer and foundation

6) Never put a black mascara on lower lashes; it casts a shadow on your under eye, making the area look darker