7 Things You didn’t Know About Maraji, Instagram’s Funny Girl

Instagram Influencer and skit comedian, Maraji, also known as Gloria Oloruntobi is one of the fast rising Nigeria Instagram stars that not knowing would make you like you’re from another plant.

She is celebrating another year today, February 7 and the funny girl never misses a chance to make people laugh. She posted a photo of herself as a toddler in her mother’s arms simply writing ‘happy birthday to me’.

If you don’t know Maraji, then this is your chance to know these quick facts about her and how far she has come.

These are 7 things you didn’t know about Maraji.

1. She was born February 6, 1997.

2. She has one sister and two brothers.

3. She studied international relations at Covenant University.

4. Out of boredom in school, Maraji started uploading lipsync short videos, that was what set her up.

5. Maraji moved to comedy skits when her lipsyncing made her famous.

6. She loves her mother and always shows her off.

7. Maraji is playful and is always ready to liven up the mood.

source: Stargist


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