Adamu Garba: 7 Things You Should Know About the Man Aspiring to Take Over From Buhari

2019 is around the corner and many Nigerians are gearing up to match to the polls and decide who will lead them. Some have said they are tired of old politicians coming back again and again with nothing to offer, therefore they want young and vibrant Nigerians to take on the affairs of the country. Last week, Fela Durotoye was the subject of discussion after he officially declared his intention to run for president and today, its Garba Adamu, relatively unknown. However, here are 7 things you should know about him.

1.Thirty-five-year-old Adamu Garba II is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, a leading cloud computing company, headquartered in Lagos.

2.He was born to an Islamic scholar father and mother, who was a petty trader, he is also an Islamic scholar.

3.He attended the Almajiri School from the age of 4 and proceed to a conventional school at age eight.

4.After his primary education, he proceeded to Kano State University, Wudil, to study Electrical Engineering but was rusticated at three hundred level, because he preached one nation(equal treatment for all irrespective of tribe or background) which the authorities were not comfortable with it.

5.At 24, he left home for Lagos, got a job in Apapa and began to practice what he was doing and found out that it was really working. He got another job with Torrent Technology, got another job with an oil company in Warri where he worked for nine months and resigned. He came back to Lagos because he knows Microsoft Solutions very well and joined another company but I resigned after six months to set up his firm at 26.

6.He wants to run for president because he feels guilty to watch things go wrong and not do anything. He says he believes it is important for us to chart a better way for our nation. In leadership, age is not a barrier, wisdom is key. He has an excellent manifesto on how to improve the life of ordinary Nigerians by deliberate and committed effort to transit from poverty.

7.He has nursed the ambition to become president since 2003 and has read many books and studied many policies of state crafts to acquire more knowledge on how best to liberate the country.


Do you think Nigerians will accept him?

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