Advice Column: My Boyfriend Makes Me Do Disgusting Things During Sex

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I would like to be kept anonymous. I have been seeing this guy for 8 months now and he is totally my kind of guy. He knows me in and out, treats me like a queen and doesn’t waste any time to show everyone I’m is one and only. The only issue I have in the relationship is when we have sex.

It first started with him asking me to lick his ears, then stick his fingers into my mouth and so on. I was at first disgusted but as time went on, I was willing to compromise so we could just go on being cool.

Recently, he asked me to lick his anus and I was like WHAT! I thought it was a joke but he was serious. I know I did it with my eyes closed but I couldn’t take off the image of him, just pooing in the toilet a few minutes before we started having sex.

I don’t know what to do it anymore but he has a way of making me do stuff I don’t want to do.


Please what can I do because I really love this guy?


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  • Any man is going to want you to do something you dont want to do. Im sure he does plenty of things that you want that he has zero interest in. Sex is where the field is evened out. I do a lot to my wife that she would not choose to have done. To me, the ability to do things you dont want sexually is what makes a woman better in bed than another. When we were dating my wife was just like you. She was doing anything I wanted even if it wasnt her first choice. It works. I became addicted to her and the thought that i had a girl willing to do anything i want kept me thinking about her. I am responsible to not hurt her, but the degrading stuff is all 100% on the menu every day. Now, 16 years in, she says the worse i treat her in bed the better i treat her in our everyday lives. I never stray and have zero interest in cheating because there is nothing i secretly want to do that im not. If he treats you good outside the bedroom, then I say let him have his fun inside the bedroom.

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