Advice Column: My Girlfriend Enjoys Flirting With Married Men Including Her 60 Something Years Old Boss

I’m happy coming across your site and more happy because I now have someone to relate my issue with. This is my personal life experience presently and I need your urgent attention.
I naturally love this lady so deem in my heart and we stay together for a year now though not yet married. I joined her when I had problem at my workplace and she’s been of help to me. Now I’m a bit okay and want to move on for a better life preferably with her but i have many things against her.
I don’t expect a lady of her status to be virgin at the time I met her but amongst other exes (ex boyfriends), I later found out that she once dated her present boss, perhaps for years, because every member of the family knows him and seems close to him till present, including her mum.
Her problems
1. She never had a stable relationship which I strongly know is due to her stupid acts and recalsitrant nature.
2. She’s still in contact with some of her exes (most of them are now married) and they can talk affectionately on issues for couple minutes even when I’m with her. This happened in my presence once. Not to talk of other times when I’m not there.
3. I discovered she flirt (to an extent) with some of her exes and other toasters (mostly married men) on social media platforms (FB mmessenger and Whatsapp). She initiates the conversation most of the times and they flirt together. I have reliable sources.
4. Her boss (a man in his sixties with 3 of his 4 children married) which is also one of her exes for few years is still her boss till now. They see Monday to Saturday since about 20 years ago, always her and the boss behind office clossed doors except when they have clients or a junior staff member. She claims there’s nothing between them anymore but all indications show this is untrue. She once told me they had most things a family should have at home.
5. Though I devoted all my attentions and love for her without any other ladies in my life but she doesn’t have feelings or affections for me. She missed all my calls about 98% of the times every time I call her during office hours. She either claim they were busy or she did not see my calls.
6. She shouts on me the way she would never do to even the youngest of her sibblings or anyone around her for any reason.
7. She doesn’t want me to report not because we can handle it, but because she’s afraid of their harsh actions based on their knowledge of her past. I even learnt from her that she had an abortion for the boss or someone else without her people knowing. Fully aware of what happened, the boss took care of the bill and all that while her parent thought of another ailment instead of abortion.
8. I know her family members and they all like me. Whenever I attempted to seek the help of her matured sister or her brother who is a pastor, she always warn me never to report her to them. This gives me thoughts that she doesn’t want her dark part to be exposed to them.
This is just little that comes to my mind now.
Yet, she always request for the wedding date.
I always give chance to teach and train her. She always realize what she’s doing is wrong and beg me and also promise a change. It’s rather remorse than repentance as
Must she always eat her cake and have it back?
Please advise me.
This reader needs your advice everyone.
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