Advice Column: My Husband Has Sex Starved Me For 6months and I Don’t Know Why

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Yesterday, I made my way into my husband’s room, striped nude and begged him to touch me like a husband should, but he just looked at me with so much scorn in his eyes and turned to the other side. This, has been my life for the past six months now. My husband doesn’t eat what I cook, he doesn’t talk to me and literally avoids any form of physical contact with me.

I can’t tell what exactly I did to make him hate me so much. I have sent his parents to talk to him, sent my mom, our pastor and even our kids, but he says I have done nothing but he just wants to be on his own.

Please what should I do? I feel so worthless.




Hello everyone, this is the INFORMATION NIGERIA advice column, where readers send in their relationship issues and we try to advice them accordingly. So, if you are in a confusing situation, you can send it to  and we would gladly publish it so other readers can drop their advice while also keeping you anonymous.


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