Advice Column: Its Two Weeks To Our Wedding and I Caught Him in Bed With My Younger Sister

Why are men so wicked? I have actually  contemplated suicide severally in the last 24hrs. How can a man I love and devoted my life to pay me back in this evil way? How can my own sister whom I went to bed hungry for, stab me right in the chest like this? My story is sad and I don’t know if I would still have my sanity in tact after this.

My parents are divorced, they went their separate ways when my younger sister was just in SS3 and I was in 200l in the university. My mum after the divorce told me to drop out of school, that she doesn’t see how she would cope with my fees and my sister’s, feeding and rent. My dad made sure he caught off from us after the separation. No money came from him till today. He faced his life with his new wife and didn’t look back.

I saw dropping out of school at 200L as something only a fool would do, so I resorted in cleaning, washing for my fellow students, making hair and selling petty stuffs to sponsor myself and was able to even send a little home for my mum and sis.

Luckily for me, immediately after NYSC, I got a bank job through one of my friends, whose uncle is a big shot in Lagos. Life was finally looking good. After a while, I got an apartment for my mum, my sis and I. Then I met the man who made me believe not all me are like my dad. He gave me the best of everything esp love.

We started to plan for our wedding after dating for almost 3 years. He went to meet my dad, we had an intro and the families fixed a date for the engagement. I wanted to just take my leave after the wedding, so I was really busy running around making plans. We had our pre-wedding shoot last Saturday and it’s everywhere on our social media pages.

I had gone to work yesterday morning and everything seemed fine but at around 11am, I started felling really strange, my head was aching, my tummy was unsettled and I was feeling like I would pass out any minute. I went to tell the Manager that I wasn’t feeling well and I have to go. He allowed me and said it must be the stress from the wedding prep.

I couldn’t drive so I called a taxi to take me. As I got home, I saw my would-be husband’s car at the gate, and he didn’t tell me he was at my house. I went straight in, afraid something had happened to my mum and my sis called him instead for fear of scaring me. I opened the entrance door and lo and behold Mr Husband-to-be banging my little sister from behind. I must have passed out, out of sheer shock, because I woke up at a hospital.

Apparently, my mum had gone to see her sisters at Ikorodu for proper planing towards my wedding, my sister(now in 300L) had come home from school for a week. Only God knows how long, he’s been sleeping with her. They are both begging me, including my mum.

I don’t know what to do, please advice me.


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