Advice Column: I Want to Have Sex With my Stepdad

I’m only 15 but I feel very strongly for my stepdad. He treats me so nice unlike what we are all used to – that stepmoms and stepdads are wicked. My stepdad is the best in the world. He pays my fees and that of my younger brother. He buys us everything and people hardly know he’s not my biological dad.

He married my mum when I was 12. My dad left for America when I was just 3 and my brother was just born. 9years later, he calls my mum to tell her to move on with her life that he has found and married the woman of his dreams over there and he doesn’t think he’ll ever come back.

My mom met this new man through her younger sis and they got married. I don’t know exactly why I’m sexually attracted to him. Its not like he has made any advance at me but I just love him and want to have sex with him. I have been looking for a perfect opportunity to tell him but I don’t know how he’ll react and if he’d tell my mom.

Please advice me because I can no longer control how I feel for him.

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