BB Naija 2018 Housemates Unexpectedly Win Second Wager Against Big Brother

For their Thursday task, the housemates were tasked with dissecting one of the most sensitive topics universally. They were to create a talk show surrounding safe sex practices among youths, accompanied by a song that would further relay the message and promote awareness.

Although complete participation by all housemates is arguable, some effort towards the task was evident. Rico Swavey and Nina were to deliver the rap part of the song while Teddy A and Bambam composed the rest of it and let’s be frank, there was very little preparation. Ahneeka assumed the presenter’s responsibility and Lolu, Anto, Miracle, Angel and Tobi were the esteemed guests who shared their experiences varying from a partner’s refusal to use protection, undisclosed statuses, behaviour based on misconceived ideas and the use of birth control to substitute condoms. These roles were used to depict everyday situations faced by young people and their inability to refuse acts that a deemed ‘fashionable’ in order to fit into their peers groups.

Of all the sub topics covered, the most important was that of parents finding a way to communicate with their kids without labelling anything on the table as taboo. The ability to create favourable environments and use age appropriate language to bust myths surrounding sex and everything that’s a consequence of unsafe practices.

The lack of preparation does not take away from the message conveyed through the Task activities and although Biggie felt they should have done better and could have been better prepared, judging their parenting skills too, their use of day to day examples impressed the Oga and resulted in their second consecutive Wager win.

The message was conveyed and the objective reached but it seems not everyone expected Head of House Miracle to pull a winning stunt.
Watch them perform one of their songs.

source: Stargist


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