BBNaija: Nigerians reacts to BamBam and Teddy A smashing in the toilet

Big Brother Naija Housemates BamBam and Teddy A are currently trending on social media after they were caught having s*x in toilet.

Nigerians just can’t keep calm after the video was recorded and shared across Social Media.

Apparently, many folks are shading Teddy A, after he said in the early weeks of the show, that he wasn’t gonna sleep with BamBam, because he respects her so much for condemning Miracle and Nina.

Here are some comments:


Philomina Esther Oba: I have no problems with two consenting adults having sex. But What i find amusing is how BamTeddy fans now come along to defend their FAV after knacking in the toilet when they branded Miracle and Nina all sorts of names for making love. At least Nina was shagged on a comfortable bed.

Ochuma Linda Shannel: Bambam was being knacked in the toilet..and shex not even comfortable… But my #Team_Mina #Team_Pilot #My_Nina babe was led jejely to the bed and was given a comfortable knack… Later now somebody will start insulting mi,if you try it ehh,,

Abdullahi Danjuma: I don’t understand this your caught having sex of a statement, a program that is based on sexualism and being broadcast live what do you expect?

Aneeta Essien: Big brother should start evicting these horny rabbits. You see them failing woefully in their given tasks, but if it’s sex now,they become superheroes… Rubbish

Anyanwu Kenneth: Everything about this program is all about Sex…. TB Joshua and Lazarus Mouka preached against this rubbish program 2days ago while preaching the gospel of the Lord

Uyi Cyril Osagie: If they like let them give birth to a child. It is no more a news. They are lover’s final…… so please forget about them and get good news instead of sexuality behaviour. Tell stories about cooking and good behaviours inspire people with good things

Stephena Chisom Ohiri: See Bam-Bam was telling Teddy A that Ifu Enada likes food. That she eats every time. Teddy was like: “it’s nothing, Ifu is petite so it’s OK for her to eat. Bam-bam was apparently gossiping Ifu with Teddy A but he waved it.
Some girls like to bring others down. See her now, Ifu likes food, while she’s sex starved and can’t hold herself.

Benson Paul: They should enjoy themselves, is not easy to keep yam and goat together definitely the goat will eat the yam..they should stop covering blanket to sex,show us everything this is a reality show.

Em Cee Marrow: Anything you guys do, I must know . Xo toilet is ur new hiding place! Unless breeze no blow reach where una dey,, we must catch una.. #Godknowstheaddresstoyourhouse#

Obilonu Patrick: All this ladies blaming the girls in BBN, you are all the same thing if you get there, girls are pretenders, them too like one mouth.

Omalicha Sharon Cyprian: Sex sex sex in that house, nothing reasonable is been done again. Oh jesus!! This people should quietly end this rubbish and stop promoting immorality please!!

Enujeko Benedicta Eziafa Tricia: chai dis set of bbn sucks.didn’t they watch d previous one?gosh. abeg I troway cap for last housemates.i Luv dem. I hate dis year’s own.

source: Gistreel


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