Check out this funny Vox Pop on the meaning of FIFA

Don’t go to Google to search for the meaning of FIFA? Be your own judge! What’s the meaning of FIFA? Tell me! Tell yourself! Now reward yourself if you got it right! Lol!

It is so easy to forget answers to questions especially when you are placed on the spot. With the buzz about the FIFA World Tropy Tour coming to Nigeria, you would think that people would know the full meaning of FIFA.

Here are some responses from the street VOX POP that was done, where individuals were asked about the full meaning of FIFA. Feel free to laugh! LOL!

The World Cup trophy is due arrive in Nigeria on a tour in March courtesy Coca-Cola. To win a ticket to see the trophy, follow Coca-Cola on Facebook (@CocaColanigeria), Twitter (@Coca-Cola_NG), and Instagram (@CocaCola_ng) for a chance to win a ticket and see the trophy live

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