Emma Ugolee joins #MeToo campaign

MEDIA personality Emma Ugolee, has joined the #MeToo campaign which was launched in October 2017 as protest against sexual harassment.

“Dear (current and aspiring) female artiste, comedian, TV and Radio personality, corporate executive, business enterprise owner, fashion designer, model and actor, I know that the prevailing touted tale about you is that of a desperate girl who would do whatever it takes to get unmerited access to positions or jobs and is quick to offer her body as a worthy sacrifice,” he wrote on his Instagram page on Tuesday to announce his participation.

“The figurative rotten egg is inevitably present in every bunch so the above is sadly a reality of a bulk determined to smear the reputation of a battalion who are harder working and dignity driven. The try to drown the story of these ones but we say No to that, for the story must be heard.

“The story of the highest collection of young black women in the world and their battle against the most unbelievable of terms put on the table by men of power who insist that the spring board to having the head in the sky is the back in the ground. The story of millions of denied dreams that won’t see daylight if the legs of thier owners would not part ways.

“A culture so strongly rooted that it is traditional for Personal & Special Assistants to assist themselves with a sample of what would be offered to oga. This story happens every day in Nigeria. Some girl somewhere in Lagos Abuja PH or KD is busy wasting her time on that long queue for that audition regardless of how skillful she is. The story of the girl with a 9 – 5 that’s always skipped when it is time for the raise or promotion. No, not because she doesn’t work hard, but she knows what he wants and she is just not that low enough in her esteem to let it go. The story of the struggling spirit of the girl entrepreneur who financial constrain is killing yet is told that she must kill her moral stand as well if she’ll be the one to make the supply.

“Some of the untold stories would bring tears to your eyes but better yet for us all, these stories told would mean liberation for a talented generation of women who can have no sexual assault gate ways to expressing their skill and talent. I know that some of the biggest names might be rocked in every industry be it Nollywood or Banking but this dread has to stop somehow and the time is up.”

source: Thenation

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