If You Ever Find Yourself in Benin City, Check Out These Places

If you’re likely to be in the ancient city anytime soon, then you must visit these fun places

1.National Museum: We all know the Benins are one of the most artistic people of Africa, no wonder the British couldn’t resist the temptation to cart away some of their art treasure during the Benin Massacre of 1897. So, if you are interested in history, then you must to visit the museum at the King’s square, Ring road.

2.The Okomu National Park, formerly the Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary, is a forest block within the Okomu Forest Reserve in the Ovia South-West of Edo State in Nigeria. The park holds the last habitat for many endangered species.  So if you love a bit of nature, you should totally love it.

3.Kada Plaza: With a cinema, Chinese restaurant , shopping complex and go kart racing available, definitely one of the best fun places to be in that city.

4. Ogba zoo: Looking for a recreational park, a fun centre and a botanical garden, then you would totally love to visit the zoo.

5.Gele Gele Sea Port

The first contact with any European was made by Oba Ewuare the Great {About 1440AD} when Ruy De Sequeira vivited Benin City In 1472. The Portuguese came via the Atlantic Ocean and they finally landed in Gele Gele Sea Port in Benin Nation. The Gele Gele Sea Port was from then onward used predominantly for their legitimate trade with Benin Nation.It is also recorded that slaves (illegitimate trade) were also conveyed from the region via the Gele Gele Sea Port to Europe.

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