Fan Attacks Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima After She Wore This Outfit To An Event

The cleavage-showing dress Ibinabo rocked to an event

Nigerian actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima has shared incredible photos she wore to an event looking all glam. Fiberesima who is an ex-beauty queen brought her fashion A-game to the event looking totally splendid.

She posted the photo with the caption, “Sexy….hmmm ahhh ..”

However, a concerned fan took to her page to express dissatisfaction over the cleavage-showing dress. 

@hospitalityandmsb: “Why do we like to mislead people? All these adjective can it not be earned or said without any body part showing still? A woman should be a “mystery ” not a show glass of things or parts. What a pity when a woman is defined as beautiful,etc synonymous to showing body parts!!! I have many times admired her dresses and stylist. But this is not one of them. Just my opinion observing another like myself & concerned.”

Replying the question, @kevinuvo wrote: “@hospitalityandmsb get to a pharmacy ask for sleeping tablet buy it take overdose and go to bed.”

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