Female Corper Opens Up On The Shocking Things A Stranger Did To Her Body In Akure


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A Nigerian social media user observing her NYSC programme in Akure, Ondo State took to her Instagram page to share her sad story of how her friend betrayed her.

According to her, she was sold into the hands of a ritualist who clean her account and s*xually abused her multiple times.

She is presently being blackmailed by the mysterious man in Ilesa – South-western part of Nigeria who has blocked all means of communications between both of them.

The climax of the story is that it was her best friend who set up her unprecendented meeting with the man with a false promise that she would be gifted N500,000 for attending a Senator’s party.

Read the full gist below:

“I have a problem. Let me make some screenshots. My best friend linked me to a guy looking for girls to attend senators party dat each girl wil be given 500k. She told the guy that I am a runs girl.I went to meet him at Ilesha.after I told him that I am not a runs girl he agreed to give me my tfare so I can go back but after a while, he told me he wants to help me. I have never done anything related to charms or runs my entire life but I found out that anything this guy asks me to do. I do willingly without objecting. I did videos of my n*des with face showing. He made me withdraw 271k from my account. He then gave me one calabash with three sponges to bath with saying he used the money he collected from me to do it so I will go to a man he’s going to love-vendor me with and ask for millions. He had s*x with me different times. Still, I didn’t realise what was going on. He told me how he pimps girls. That he will get me rich. He told me not to talk to anyone and also asked me to go upgrade my account so the huge amount of money can enter. I left Akure Immediately. I dont know how this guy got hold of my access bank atm and how he new my pin. Went to the atm and withdrew the last 141k in my account. I didnt even realise because he held unto my phone and didnt allow me talk to anybody. I guess he deleted the alert. So i went back to akure very early for monthly NYSC signing and on tuesday d guy told me to check my account. I found out he withdrew everything. I rushed to the bank and that was where i came back to my senses. I called him and he started threatening me with my nudes. I checked my phone and found out that he deleted all our chats and block me on whatsapp and social mediasAnd wen I chatted him, he started making everything seem as if I wanted it, meanwhile, he’s alwez been instructing me. And kept threatening me….he said he snapped my NYSC ID card and threatens to destroy me. I then called that my friend(who introduced me to him saying they are close)aid she know him very well). She denied knowing him. What do i do now?”

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