Find Out; 5 reasons farting is great for the body!

Farting popularly known in the Nigerian lingua as ‘mess’, is the way the internal organs ‘exhale gas’. There are several places where gas can come out from; the mouth, the nostrils and the ‘but hole’. And where there’s no farting the internal organs will not be in great shape or continue to function as they are supposed to.

There are reasons to have a great fart when the pressure to release the gas calls:

  •  It Reduces Bloating

Farting regularly helps get rid of bloating which is usually caused most times by food rich in carbohydrates and sugar where otherwise it can result in heartburn, get uncomfortable amongst others. Farting immediately in most cases eliminate bloating simply like releasing a pressure valve.

  • A sign of good health or otherwise

Farting can help determine the state of one’s health (weird isn’t it?). It is an indication of a healthy gut (i.e. where its silent and without a foul smell). So, if farts get really smelly then there’s probably a case of indigestion of a digestive tract infection and in some cases an indication of an underlying health issue like Crohn‘s disease (people who suffer this pass extremely smelly farts everytime). In some cases, it might just be a pointer to load up more on certain foods as against others.

  • An indicator to improve quality of diet

Yes, it is expedient that, people who don’t fart may need to step up nutrients intake. If there’s a case where gas isn’t released (via farting) then the microbes in the gut may not be getting the needed nutrients in which case there should be a need to increase intake of carbohydrate.

  • Relieves the body

Fart is naturally the system’s way of releasing pressure caused by everything that goes into the body after the digestive system is done processing all it needs to function!

  • Inhaling fart is good for the body!

Studies reveal that fart contains hydrogen sulfide that reduces cell damage when inhaled in small amounts which at the end of the day reports reveal keep strokes, heart diseases and more at bay!