HELP!!! My Only Lovers Are People’s Husbands


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I’m 28 and never had a stable relationship, the only ones I ever got into was with married men. The last one lasted for a few months before his wife got wind of it and started threatening me with various juju. I remember another one who came to my house(Only God knows how she found my house), luckily I wasn’t home  and my neighbours said the woman was shouting my name at the gate and begging me to leave her husband alone.

I never saw myself as one who would date a married man but when the only men who ever looked at me were the ones already hitched and after series of refusal, and the trend continued with much loneliness, I saw myself going to bed with many of them.

Its not like I’m ugly or something. I know I’m beautiful, I see myself in the mirror and my selfies on IG rake in a lot of likes. I don’t know why I can’t be in a decent relationship with a single young man. I also want to get married and have kids, age isn’t even on my side.

Am I possessed by a demon or do I have  a spiritual problem? Please I need answers.


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