Help!!! My parents are doing everything to frustrate me

I need answers please. Parents are totally against me marrying the man I love because he isn’t from a wealthy family. My dad is a doctor, with a big hospital in Port-Harcourt and my mom is also a doctor.

I studied medicine not because I wanted to but because my parents said that is what I should do. They have made all the choices in my life until this point. I really love this guy but my mom especially hates his guts because he isn’t what they want. She keeps telling me how marriage is not just a union of two people but of two families.

I have tried my best to convince them but the more I try, the more they hate him. This guy earns a good salary but he just isn’t from a rich background. What do I do?


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  • Your parents just want to use you to satisfy their selfish means. Who are the family members of Adam and Eve. It is only God.Marriage is just for three people God, the man and the wife finished. Before you become Methuselah in their home pray serious to liberate yourself.

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