Horror: Family Find Their Missing Son Dead Inside The Bush After After Tracing Him On iPhone App

James Craig Brack, a 19-year-old man has been found dead after going missing.

His devastated family found his body in a woodland after using an iPhone app to trace his mobile, an inquest heard.

According to The Sun UK, James Craig Brack took his own life just days after he was left “quite upset” following a break-up with his boyfriend.

During the inquest his family discovered that James, from Rawcliffe, East Yorks had a history of self-harm he had concealed from them but his friends were aware of.


Hull’s Coroners Court heard how his family grew worried when he went out for a walk on September 25 last year and didn’t return.

They began a hunt for him and by using the iPhone app Find My Friends they tracked his location to a lane in Rawcliffe, where they made the tragic discovery.

James’ father, Craig: “I am disappointed in some of his friends who haven’t contacted us about his feelings. None of us had any inclination.

“He was thoughtful and compassionate. He was a gentle giant who made a difference in everyone’s lives.

“There were 300 people there for him at his funeral who would have helped if he had reached out.

“This has created a huge void in our lives.”

Craig told how he had last seen his son two days before his death and that despite suffering from a cold he had seemed in good spirits.

He added: “He’d been to the cinema and said he was going to Bishop Burton College, which is where his boyfriend is.

“He was in good spirits and at 10pm went to his mum’s where he had discussed ideas for Christmas gifts.”

The next day, James, a hospitality and catering student at Selby College and chef in Rawcliffe, and his boyfriend split up.

According to his partner, James had seemed “quite upset by it”.

James’ mother said that on Monday afternoon she discovered he had taken all the photos of him and his boyfriend down from his bedroom wall.

In a statement read out to the court, James’ boyfriend said James had “previously self-harmed” after a past relationship had ended.

One of James’ friends also said James had suffered with depression and low moods.

However, she described James as the “life and soul” and was a “lovely person who could perk you up just by being him”.

Coroner Professor Paul Marks concluded that James’ death was suicide and declared it was an “impulsive decision”.

Prof Marks said: “It resonates how awful it must have been for you under these circumstances. I extend my condolences and sympathies to the family.”

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