“I am an actor not a tout”- Broda shaggi

Samuel Perry popularly known as brodashaggi talks about his comedy career

What motivated you to start comedy skits?

I am an actor, singer, visual artist and director. I started comedy many years back and I did a lot of it while I was in the university. As an actor, I am good at creating different characters. While I was in school, I created characters such as Inspector Perry, a policeman; Professor Dele, and Akonni Ibadan, before I created Brodashaggi. Comedy is what I love doing and I like to make it as real as possible so that people can relate with it. I like to make people laugh; so, when they watch me, all they do is laugh despite the situation of the country. My aim is to affect people with comedy in a good way. That was what prompted me into doing comedy in the first place.

What are your educational qualifications?

I have a Bachelor in Creative Arts from the University of Lagos.

When and how did you start making comedy skits?

I started comedy skits about five years ago and I have been doing Instagram comedy for about four years now.

What were your childhood aspirations?

I had always known that I would become a comedian someday because I love drama and acting. As a kid, I loved acting, writing stories and comedy; it has always been part of me. My late dad taught drama at Mayflower Junior School, Ikenne, Ogun State. Before his death, I already knew that I was going to become an actor.

You are also a voice-over artiste, singer and script writer. How do you combine all these activities?

I try to plan well so that each has its own time. I make sure I don’t do two things at the same time. It is my job and I just have to do it.

Do you also perform stand-up comedy?

Yes, I also do stand-up comedy.

How would you describe your relationship with Uche Jumbo?

Uche Jumbo is like a sister to me. She gave me a platform to express myself in her upcoming TV series. Apart from her, many people have also given me platforms to express myself, but she has been different. People often think that it is difficult to get close to celebrities but Uche is the perfect definition of a celebrity to me. She is cool-headed, shares information and she treats me like her own son. She is a good person and I love her work.

Weren’t you worried that people would react negatively to your skit on what would happen if Jesus appeared in Mushin?

After I did that skit, I got so many messages and calls from veteran actors in the industry asking me to pull down the video. They said it is not good to mock the name of Jesus Christ but I told them that I am an actor and there is no way I could have expressed that character if I shied away from some things. That is the typical way Brodashaggi would talk because he is a character from the streets. If they like what the character says, fine; if they don’t like it, it’s also fine. It is just like asking an actress to play the role of a prostitute but you don’t want her to dress seductively. In real life, a prostitute won’t cover all her body. As an actor, you have to express your character the proper way it should be done because acting is make-believe. It is important to make your audience believe what they see. People will always have different opinions on things.

How did your pastor respond to that particular video?

My pastor knows that I am an actor and a comedian. I am a true worshipper and I wasn’t mocking my God. I don’t always place too much emphasis on religion because there were religions before the white men came to Africa. I believe in God but that does not mean I can’t use my talent in certain ways because of my religion.

You always make reference to Mushin and you act like a tout in your videos. Did you live there at any point?

I have never lived in Mushin. I am an actor and it is my duty to carry out research and learn from people so that I can create good content. I am not a tout; I am an actor.

How did you come up with the name Brodashaggi?

Brodashaggi came into existence last December. I went to my mechanic’s workshop and I heard some of the mechanics playing around the character of Brodashaggi and it really made me laugh. I said to myself that since I create characters, I could also create Brodashaggi since I had even done something similar in a stage play before. I decided to start something on Instagram since there was nobody doing it and I like to be unique. The name Shaggidon came first, then I did Shaggi and eventually Brodashaggi.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself living my dreams, becoming an inspiration and a role model to the younger generation. Even though I play the role of a tout, nobody wants to become a tout. Some of the touts we see didn’t want to end up that way but they found themselves there somehow. Some of them are really good people. Most people don’t want to associate with them because they believe that they are dangerous but that doesn’t apply to all of them. Even some people, who are not seen as touts, are more dangerous than those on the streets.

What are your deepest fears?

In the entertainment industry, everyone has his or her own time because no one is going to remain on top forever. I want to use my time wisely and I want to keep being talked about. 2Face is being talked about today because of his personality and his decision to follow his dreams. That is how I want to be. I want to be remembered for something positive. It keeps me awake, thinking at night and creating more content.

Do you have any regrets?

Not really.

How do you relax?

I hang out with my friends. Even when relaxing, an inspiration could come up and I would just type it out on my phone immediately.

What is your favourite meal?

I love fufu.

How do you like to dress?

I like to be simple. I wear native or English wear but it must be simple, except it is a costume.

Who are your favourite online comedians?

I have so many of them. Everyone doing comedy is my favourite. I don’t engage in needless competition. We are all trying to make names for ourselves. Comedy is not an easy thing; so, I appreciate and respect everyone’s hard work.

Which of your skits would you say led to your breakthrough?

Jesus in Mushin led to my breakthrough. Though it wasn’t my first skit, it was the first generally accepted skit.

How financially rewarding has online comedy been for you?

It has been good and it is different from when I started. I usually get calls for adverts and endorsements; so, it has really been good.

How do you come up with your different skits?

I write them and I try to create my punch lines. I research well. It is actually not an easy task for me. I watch my skits with my friends or anyone around me several times before uploading them on the Internet because they have to be good.

How did you meet the lady who acts as your interviewer, Sophia Uriren?

We met last year November or December at a movie location. I shared my idea with her and we connected.

What kind of partnership do you have with her and how do you share your profits?

We are just co-actors. I can’t talk about the profits


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