Let’s Get Honest: Do You Like This Omotola Jalade’s 40th Birthday Cake???

Omotola Jalade turned 40 on February 7th and has had a one week long programme to commerate the day. Sunday 11th was the grand ball which saw the who’s who of the Nigerian entertainment industry grace the day.

This was Omotola’s cake for the event yesterday and we couldn’t help but wonder what the cake designer was thinking or not thinking.

Do you like it?



  1. ssister omotola jalade.please i am sorry i made misstake well try to open order gmail account.name okokwu sabanstine chuks.try to change new code the number i use is long please send me back the detail.

  2. Like for where? It looks insulting to me….may she wanted to portray the “omosexy” Image, but ‘honestly’, when she was cutting the cake with the royalties there, I felt embarrassed, really embarrassed, it was like an assault on the Royal Fathers… mtcheeeeuw


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