Meet The Man Who Spent N22.6 Million Just To Transform Himself Into A Human Elf (Photos)

‘human elf’ who has spent over £45,000 turning himself into his elf-like alter ego has revealed some of the more painful aspects of his transformation – including having his jaw broken five times.

Luis Padron, who appeared on Wednesday’s edition of This Morning, shocked Phillip and Holly as he spoke about his recent trip to South Korea, where he underwent surgery to have his chin reshaped.

‘Three months ago I went to South Korea, they broke my jaw in five parts and put it back together with titanium,’ he explained via live link from his native Argentina.

‘So when all this heals I will have an animated character kind of shapes. Then I will fix the saggy skin. You can see my jawline is chubby right now because it is healing.’


Luis – who explained he also had his ears cut open and reshaped to achieve that elvish look – also revealed how his fascination with becoming a fantasy character began as a teenager after he was bullied at school.

‘That made me close in myself, searching for happiness in books and movies and stuff like that. That’s how I started liking so much the fantasty characters, like elves and aliens – when I was a teenager, I always bleached my hair or dyed it in fantasy colours but I felt like I need something more.’

‘Then I saw that Barbie girl who transformed herself with plastic surgery and I decided that was what I wanted to be.’

Luis’ appearance on the show certainly captured the imagination of viewers also – especially given he described himself as ‘trans-species’ during his time on the show.


Source: Metro UK

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