Military Speaks On Alleged Deployment Of Soldiers To Gboko

The photo circulated on social media alleging that military has sent its men to Gboko

The Defence Headquarters has reacted to reports that Nigerian troops had been deployed to Benue State following deadly attacks on some Fulani people in the state.

This came after photos appeared online showing a convoy of troops riding along major roads in the state on Thursday. Residents of Gboko were left in a state of panic following the development as some had thought the military were on their way to deal with them.

Reacting, however, Defence Spokesperson, John Agim said the claim was not true and it now appears like some people were playing politics with security in the state.

Agum said, “The troops only went on a specific mission and have since returned to base.

“He that is not for us is against us. He that comes late, never came at all,” he added.

While denying the alleged deployment, Agim added that the military could only get involved if the police are unable to contain the violence and ask for a back-up.

He said the troops went on a special mission to further destroy shrines suspected to be hideouts of, “Tiv militia” in Zaki Biam and Katsina Ala areas.

“As witnessed with the Boko Haram menace, the military is the last line of defence. So it cannot just jump up and go into security issues.”

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