Nigerian Dishes: Okro Soup

One awesome reason why we all love this Nigerian delicacy is that it one of those kind of soup you can make when your account balance is trying to be unfortunate. Fast, easy and delicious. It goes exactly well with any of your favourite swallows.

What you need

  • Okra
  • Red palm oil
  • Beef and Shaki (Cow Tripe) (if you like)
  • Fish: Iced Fish (Titus is magical), Dry Fish, Stock Fish
  • Crayfish
  • Pepper and Salt (to taste)
  • Onions (if you like)
  • Vegetable: Nigerian pumpkin leaves or spinach (fresh or frozen)
  • Stock cubes as neccessary

Meal prep

  1. If you’re using stockfish, then you have to boil the stockfish for 20 minutes and leave in the pot with the hot water to soak for a while. Although not all type of stockfish needs soaking.
  2. For some people they grate their okro because they do like seeing it in the soup, so if that’s you, grate if not you can use a knife to cut them into tiny pieces. The tinier you cut the okra, the more it will draw.
  3. If you’re using pumpkin leaves, then wash it, and cut into tiny pieces.
  4. Grind the crayfish and the dry pepper.
 How to cook
  1. For the shaki (cow tripe), if you’re using it, wash and boil till it is done. Add water sparingly because this soup needs to be thick. Add the soaked stockfish and dry fish to the cooked shaki. To know if its soft enough, you cn take a bite.
  2. After that, add the beef, onions(optional) and stock cubes and cook till done. Then add the iced fish and cook till done.
  3. Pour red palm oil in another pot and heat it up, add some meat stock from time to time till you notice the okra start to draw. Try not to over-cook the okra as just 5mins will do.
  4. Now add the vegetable and stir well. Add all the meat and fish, crayfish, pepper and salt to taste. Then stir well.
  5. Cover the cooking pot and leave to simmer and it is ready to be served with your semo, pounded yam, wheat, eba or any other swallow of your choice



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