Nigerian Lady Reveals What Police Officers Did to her After her Car Broke Down in Calabar (photo)

An IG user with the name Chelsyberry has revealed how she was rescued by some police officer after her car broke down in Calabar, Sharing the photo of the force men on her page, Cherlsyberry said her car battery ran down, and the officers immediately used their own to charge her car, and after that, she tried to pay them money for they refused, saying they are here to serve.. how nice,… read her post below!

Source – Ebiwalismoment


  1. most of the police are good, not like these corrupt ones in Ibadan that always look after money, but, those ones has the fear of God in them.

  2. sometimes we make mistakes but that should be a lesson to other people and my kudos to the Mains uniform men who truly demonstrated their professionalism at that level and I also call on the FG to try and do more for of this officers who through one way or the other are trying their best on daily basis. Good one@Chelsy.


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