Nigerian ‘Preacher’ Disgraced On Social Media, Erotic Twitter Engagements Exposed (Images)


The embattled social media fundamentalist and preacher

A Nigerian man on Twitter has taken to the platform to state that pre-wedding photos are forbidden (haram) in Islam.

To him, engaging in such is capable of ushering the person into hell fire on judgement day based on religious doctrines.

“Pre wedding pictures in Islam is haram. Haram is haram even if the whole world is doing it! No Pre wedding pictures for me. I will not go die then be burnt by the flames of jahannam, all in the name of flaunting. Subhanallah astaghfirullah” he posted on his Twitter page.

Shortly after he made the judgmental tweet, he got busted by popular Twitter influencer, @walegates who dug deep into his profile and found out that he follows @perveted, a twitter handle that is all about posting erotic pictures.

After getting busted, @Em_Mozay quickly tweeted in response. He wrote:

“I know who I am, the sins I committed can be forgiven by Allah SWA. & the sins I have committed I am asking Allah for forgiveness. Meanwhile you are a Kuffar”

This prompted social media users to publicly roast him and the gist is gaining massive attention on social media.

Follow the drama below:

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