Photos: Nigerian Woman Cries Out On Facebook After Her Gas Cooker Exploded Because She Was Using Her Phone In The Kitchen

Facebook user named Funmi Adewola has just taken to her account to cry out about the deadly effects of using Phones near Gas;

At about 1:30pm on Sunday 20th January, 2018 I was chatting on my phone in the sitting room in my house when I heard an hissing sound. On investigation it was my wife’s niece and my Niece’s daughter in the kitchen trying to fix burner onto a camp gas cylinder. When the leaking persist the wife came from the room to help them fix the burner. I kept hearing the hissing sound of the leaking gas so I stood up with my phone in my hand and went into the kitchen to give a helping hand and luckily we were able to stop the lickage but already the kitchen was charged with the gas. I warned them not to strike matches yet because the gas is much in the kitchen, at that moment a message came into my phone which was on vibration and the next I heard was was the explosion which threw all of us in different direction with different magnitude of burns as you can see in the picture.
I posted this to warn us all to be careful with phone when using gas.
May almighty Allah heal my family.”

My view:

If you use gas to cook, please make it a habit never to go into your kitchen with a phone.

No call or message is worth your life, if you need to use your phone light to see, please put it on flight mode.

Same goes to those who use their phone light to refuel their generator.


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