Rapper AKA Addresses Alleged Break Up With Bonang Matheba

AKA swears he and Bonang Matheba are over, but South Africans don’t believe him.

The drama started weeks ago when the rapper took to his social media to announce their breakup, just like he had done in the past. The first time, people believe him and it turned out to be a marketing stunt for his new music. And so, when he came online again, talking about falling out of love, folks told him to shove it.

He went further to sing the break up in his new song, Sweet Fire, and folks turned deaf to it, which was why he went on 5FM radio station to talk about the said break up.

“If I was any less of a guy, I would just stand here and tell you the whole story. But I think when you love somebody and you respect somebody, you leave that type of stuff between each other,” he told the host, adding, “I believe I’m still dealing with it, I’m not going to say I am over her. I am not going to say I don’t love her. I do. All of those things. I am a human being, guys.”

Will folks ever believe this story? We wait.

Source – Olisa


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