Secondary School Student Tied To A Pillar By Teacher As Punishment (Photos)

A report has gone viral on the internet as it contained photos which showed a teacher, in an effort to punish a secondary school student, used a rope to tie him to a pillar.


The student was tied by the teacher in front of the school and other students as he was left there for hours after he defaulted.

The name of the school, however, was not disclosed.

Internet users have been left amazed as to the kind of offense the student committed to warrant such punishment. The pictures were obviously taken from a hidden spot in the school and shared online.

See photos below ;

Many people have reacted to the act of the teacher tying up the boy some even described it as wicked.

See some comments below,

emperor94 wrote;

Maybe this is not the best kind of discipline, yes, some people will be bewildered, but as a teacher, you will meet some crazy students you may feel like killing. Take it from me, teaching ain’t easy. You have sleepless nights to prepare for classes, take insults from bosses and even students and yet underpaid… if students underperform, you are queried even though it aint your fault. Man, frustration is bound to kick-in.

Tolu wrote;

Na wa o. Anybody can now work in a school and be called a teacher. When you find work tire and you don’t get a job next thing is to take up a teaching job. Reason we have alot of these types of rascals as teachers.

Maxiuc wrote:

Those days in shasha community high Akowonjo Egbeda Alimosho LGA of Lagos State. That school if you no get mind no near there all the teachers in that school get PhD in flogging

This punishment is even better no be only to tie me ok na

After all this the olodo go still fail Exam test and anything fail able


Source – LailasNEws


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